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Not enough Victorians recognise the key signs of Stroke!

According to the Stoke Foundation, not enough Victorians know what #FAST is or understand they key signs of a stroke. Stoke kills for Women than breast cancer and more Men than prostate cancer.

Face - Arms - Speech - Time - Stroke Foundation
Face - Arms - Speech - Time (Stroke Foundation)

The Acronym stand for:

  • Face - has there face drooped?

  • Arms - can they lift both of them together?

  • Speech - is there speech slurred or sounding confused?


It's a acronym that's been around for a long time, but WAY to many Victorians don't even know the key signs of one of Australia's deadliest ailments.

Victorians need to lift their understanding of what stroke most commonly looks like and give people the chance of getting the emergency treatment stroke requires

- Sharon McGowan (Stroke Foundation chief executive officer)

Each year, the Stroke Foundation measures Australians’ awareness of the most common signs of stroke, which are facial droop, the inability to lift both arms, and slurred speech. They are highlighted in the acronym F.A.S.T (Face, Arms, Speech and Time) Time is critical due to the fact that around 1,900,000 neurons die each minute during a stroke,

The most recent survey conducted by the Stroke Foundation found that only 11% of Victorians know that the how ro recognise the key signs of stroke. Victoria is slightly more aware than the national average of 10% but Ms McGowan believes that Victorians can do far better

“Absolutely every minute counts when a stroke strikes, because in every minute of a stroke you lose 1.9 million brain cells.”

- Sharon McGowan (Stroke Foundation chief executive officer)

“Not knowing the signs of stroke reduces your chance of getting the urgent treatment you need, and once those brain cells die, it makes recovery so much more difficult.”

The Stroke Foundation is urging Victorians to learn the Face, Arms, Speech and Time message – and to pass it on.

In November the Stroke Foundation is conducting their campaign to raise funds for Awareness, Support and Research. Get on board, stay fit and spread the word!

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