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Are you wearing clean underwear?

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The following story from Darren Tresidder


boxers underwear
Boxer Shorts - Photo : Wix Free Media

'Don't forget to wear clean underwear'

Yes mum!

It's a cliché but I can see why parents, mainly mothers, use this old school saying.

Now before I go any further, for legal reasons, I must declare that:

  • I am NOT a financial planner

  • This is NOT financial advice.\

Before having my stroke, and afterwards, I have seen, and heard, countless ad's referring to that nasty word 'insurance'. Insure this, insure that & everything else, but why?

I guess it all comes down to planning, planning for 'that' thing that might happen 'one' day.

insurance man
Insurance Man - Photo : Wix Free Media

Most of us make plans for holidays/vacations, a trip to the shops and even hanging out with friends or dinner. Some of us plan for the obvious final moment of our life and plan our own funeral right down to the nitty gritty.

Then there are those that plan for the unseen like accidents and take out insurance to suit. Insurance is a wide open minefield but it can cover everything from you pet cat getting sick to a car accident. From getting sick to injuring yourself or others. From house fires to being robbed, there is insurance to cover just about everything. But why do people take insurance out. They spend all this time planning for the unknown, that rainy day and it gives them peace of mind!

That's all good if your a planning type person, where for me, I was not! I didn't plan on having a #ischaemic stroke at the age of 45, nor did I plan loosing the ability to work or even drive a car. I didn't plan on starting a new organisation (that's going well by the way) nor learning how to design a website again. I didn't plan on posting blogs about life or creating 'content'. I had no desire to become a content creator or post stuff to social media. But that's all changed and it changed over night.

Photo : Wix Free Media

I have no intention of scaring you, nor am I giving you financial advice. I just want you to be aware that this S**t is real! One minute you're out there, living life your way and then the next - BANG! In the blink of an eye, nothing is the same!

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