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The road to success!

The road to success is never easy, nore is it a straight journey, but with the help of others it is achievable. Today Stroke Survivors Australia Incorporated (Stroke Survivors Australia Inc) was officially ignited, we have become a registered incorporated NFP (Not For Profit) organisation!

straight road to success
The road to success : Photo - Wix Free Media

In Australia we are blessed to have a public healthcare system and allied support services. Unfortunately, there is a massive gap between the two sectors of the system when it comes to stroke. 30% of all stroke survivors are discharged from hospital with no 'post-stroke' healthcare plan in place. For those 30%, it can leave one feeling lost and and abandoned in a failing system that does not care about them at all.

I left the hospital and that was it, just a 'call you GP' if you have questions

Just call your GP, now what if that GP has little or no experience in dealing with stroke?

A GP is just that, a General Practitioner, not an expert or specialist. Does your GP know who you local support services are and what they can offer you? If your one of the lucky ones, your appointed an OT (Occupational Therapist) that should be able to help point you in the right direction, but again, the system is very fragmented and your OT may not deal with many stroke related issues.

"Your local community can be a great source of information, but who do you turn too? This is why Stroke Survivors Australia Incorporated was born, a place that you can turn to to find key resources and services that are relevant and current."

Darren Tresidder - President Stroke Survivors Australia Incorporated

What's is Stroke Survivors Australia Incorporated plans for the next future?

Connecting stroke survivors to local community services

Stroke Survivors Australia will be listing as many local community support services, from all around Australia. This will to give all survivors access to current support systems in their local areas that they may not even be aware of.

Creating Satellite Support Groups

A stroke survivor can experience high levels of isolation from family, friends and their community. Our satellite support groups will function under our banner and meet together to support each other in a group environment. Check out our connection hub to find your local support group!

Partnership Programs

Stroke Survivors Australia is developing relationships with local businesses with the intention of providing extra incentives to our members, incentives like 10% off coffee/cakes and meals when support groups meet once a month!



Volunteer Group

Support our cause

You can Make a difference Today, help us in our mission to empower stroke survivors & their families!

  • Volunteer: We have a wide variety of volunteer roles where you can make a direct impact in the lives on stroke survivors and their families.

  • Donations: Jump on board financially to support the wide variety of services we offer stroke survivors

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